Chen Chen

Diverse experiences gave Chen a different perspective to think

Chen Chen received her bachelors degree in business and worked for Ernst & Young and Deloitte in Shanghai and Beijing for several years. She graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with a MS in Industrial Design in December 2017.

From financial consulting to building her own startup, then moving on to strategic design, not only has she familiarized herself with knowledge in business and design, but she has also developed her own understanding of creating value to business through human-centered innovation.

believes that every enterprise/organization needs constant innovation to drive it forward. Her passion is to help enterprises solve complex and unstructured problems, find strategic insights and potential business opportunities, and create human-centered and business model-based innovation solutions. 


Research-heavy and strategy-led design

More than designing the product/service itself, Chen is considering the product/service in the ecosystem of business, technology and human need. She usually starts with the future study, trend analysis and stakeholder analysis to "get smart" about the project, then conduct human-centered research through user interviews, KJ Method and various research methods to find insights of customer's need, feeling and desire as well as opportunities for the business, and then visualize the user experience/product for the next phase of design.


Design, Research, Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Human-Centered Research
Consumer Insight Analysis
Future Study
Trend Research

Keynote/PPT Presentation

Startup Pitch Deck
Financial Forecasting
Startup Pro Forma Financial Statements

Product Design
Service Design
User Experience Design
Product Definition
Competitive Analysis
Market Positioning
User Journey Mapping
User Scenario Envision
Brand Strategy

3D Rendering
3D Animation
Rapid Prototype

Transdisciplinary Team CollabrationProject Management


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